Goodbye Pot Farm, Hello Industrial Grow Facility

Sunniva, a Canadian cannabis company, is within three months of completing the first of
two buildings in Cathedral City, CA that will cover 489,000 sq feet. As reported in the
Desert Sun under the heading Cannabis Colossus, the facility, larger than eight football
fields, will cost $54 million. When both buildings are completed it will grow 187,000
pounds of dry cannabis a year. Sunniva estimates that three or more shipments of
product will leave the facility every week in five ton trucks.
The Sunniva campus will employ more than 100 people and generate more than $5
million a year in cannabis tax revenue in Cathedral City. To keep the massive grow
facility compliant with California state regulations, Sunniva and CP Logistics, a
subsidiary of Sunniva holding corp, holds 17 of 25 cannabis business licenses for the
site. The remaining business licenses are held by other companies that will lease space
at the facility. Together license holders for the location have one license for 22,000 sq
feet of canopy and 11 license per 10,000 sq feet each. The remaining licenses are held
by other companies with different owners.
City officials and local residents are welcoming the project, which has a state of the art
design, and some feel will become a tourist attraction. Cathedral city will also be home
to a second Sunniva facility for cannabis extraction to be used in vape capsules and
other products.

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